An Award-Winning Choral program for Young People Ages 6-24
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Primary Choir

Ages 6-8

Junior Choir

Ages 9-11

Senior Choir

Ages 11-15

Youth Choir

Ages 16-24

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  • The 10 years I spent in EYCC form the foundation of my vocal performance and inspire me to always strive for excellence in choirs I sing in today. Even after an 8 hour day of university classes, I was excited to go to rehearsal to work on fun and challenging music with some of my closest friends under the direction of an incredibly talented conductor. I don’t think I would have been as engaged or as passionate in another choir—the music and the people of EYCC are special. There’s really nothing like creating something beautiful with people you care so much about. Except maybe when you get to do it while on tour on a different continent!

    Sean Gleason 2008-2018 (Pictured on Right)

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